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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the customer on our website. We advised you to read the private policy of our site before sharing the personal information with us. If you have Doubted in any information provided on this page related to the privacy terms then you can ask us. We will reply you within the week. Our policy could be changed with the use of your personal information and laws. If we made changes in the policy then it will be mentioned on this page with the updated date on our website Nationalsisterday2016.com.

  Nationalsisterday2016.com Customer Privacy

The information provided on our site is easy and simple. The information that we provide on Nationalsisterday2016.com can be used by the customer without any restrictions. The customer who wants to use our services is requested to create an account with the basic contacts, billing and websites information. The personal information provided by the customer can never be accessed by the third party.

Collection of Customer’s Personal Information

We gather the personal information of the customer just for the billing purposes, for making contact with the customer, to provide the updates regarding the content of Nationalsisterday2016.com. We don’t share personal information of the customer with the third party.

Email Requirement

 We require the email of the customer to keep him up to date regarding the content of the site. We use the information of the customer only according to the requirement.

Use of Cookies

When you visit Higgintonpost.com then our server will automatically record you IP-address, version of your browser, language, date, time etc. a file is downloaded in the hard disk of the computer that will allow you and remembers you on our site. But this access is only possible when you allow us to do so.

Company Ads

Google is third party access, who display ads on the site and is our partner. It uses cookies to display ads on the site and gather some of the data like email to send you an email regarding the updates and the services which you may desire.