National Sisters Day Poems 2016
National Sisters Day Poems

There are different ways to express the feeling of the love for the siblings, the National sisters day poems 2016 is the one of the method to express the feeling of love to the sisters, brothers and among siblings.  These are the saying which includes the music and have the sweet effect on the hearing. One feels happy and pleasure after hearing these poems from the beloved ones. For showing the love of the siblings, we have brought the lovely poems for them. These poems are easy to sing and attract your siblings. Following are the National siblings day poems 2016:

  • My Sister, My Bestie – National Sisters Day Poems

    National Sisters Day Poems 2016
    National Sisters Day Poems

You are my angel in time of disguise,

I know you are intelligent and wise,

Help me always in my time,

Either it’s happy or bad,

You are my Bestie I ever had,

If you do a wish, it would surely be,

My responsibility to give you as I can,

Though our relation had seen bad day,

I would be with you ever and always,

You stand with me always,

Give me hand in all happy or bad days,

Thank you, my sister, for my bestie,

You are my angel in the time of disguise.

  • My Sister – National Sisters Day Poems

    National Sisters Day Poems 2016
    National Sisters Day Poems

What is your value?

I can’t express in words,

I had no sister yet,

To whom I share sadness,

When we met first,

I had no word to express,

What was preparing to occur?

Was not fully out of blue,

God had an idea,

Above all the years,

He was making you and me for each other,

To share the love and wipe the tears,

I had never thought about,

What’s sister love was about,

Though I met you,

And then I really find out,

It is the love which is unconditional,

It is the love that has no limits,

 It is the love that is best forever,

It is the love that always defend,

Sometimes, we become angry,

Or we begin to fight,

It is the part of life,

That we think we both are right,

I am so happy that I found you,

In my previous year, I thought you,

I do special thanks to you,

Love you, my sister only you.

  • About sister – Sisters Day Poems 

    National Sisters Day Poems 2016
    National Sisters Day Poems

A sister is one who love you,

No matter how much you argue,

She is the happiness that can’t be taken away,

Once she comes in life, she will be there to stay,

She is the bestie, who help you in bad times,

Her praising words are much more the dimes,

She is the one, who fill your life with laugh and smiles,

These recalls will never last for miles and miles,

When she is with you, the world is full of life,

When she is not around, your days are full of fight,

A sister is a mercy that occupies your heart with love,

She glides with you in the life with the beauty of dove,

She is the fellow, to whom you can express your feelings,

She will not get you bored at any time,

Whether you are having your ups and downs,

She always helps you without any frowns,

With a sister you, you can’t have a dislike,

She is as sweet as the chocolate and a pie,

To have a sister is not just a trend,

She will be considered as the always best friend.