National Sister Day-First Sunday of August 2016
National Sister Day

Sister Day is the celebrated on the first Sunday of the August; National Sister Day 2016 is the day on which you can give wishes and gifts to your sisters. In routine days, you fight with you sibling and do a lot of things with them. But this is the special day on which you can show your best feeling to your sister. If you have no sister then you can celebrate this day with your best friend. It is the day for honoring your sibling, this day is also known as the Siblings day.

  • History of Siblings Day

Sister Day is celebrated in some parts of the United States; it originally came in the mind by the Claudia Evart. She is the founder of this event.

National Sister Day-First Sunday of August 2016
National Sister Day

She wants to give honor to her brother and the sisters who died at their early ages.

Claudia is the Nominee of the US for the 12 congressional district of the New York.

She is appreciated for discovering this day.

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She introduced the holiday at this day and introduced it into the official congressional record of the United States congress on 26 September 2005.

  • How is Sibling Day Celebrated?

The trend of celebrating National sister day is common in the United States of America, at that day all the sibling give appreciations and the best wishes to each other.

They make the wishing card and buy the gifts for each other. On that day, the entire sibling forgets their quarrel and shows their intense love feeling to each other.

This day gives beautiful memories to the sibling and gives the chance to freshen their love with each other.

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National Sister Day-First Sunday of August 2016
National Sister Day

On this day, the siblings stay together and share the memoirs of childhood and the good time that they had spent together.

If you are a good cook then you can make the cherry ice-cream or strawberries ice-cream or vanilla ice-cream, whatever she likes, for your sister.

They wish to each other by a humble hug.

They may arrange a surprise party to make a beautiful memory. It is the most important day for the siblings.

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  • When National Sister Day comes in 2017?

The National Sister Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the August. It is celebrated on 7th of the August in the year 2016 and it will be celebrated on the 10th of the August in the year of 2017.

It is celebrated every year but once in the year since 2005. And now people always search that when it comes next year. This event is related to the Raksha Bandhan event which is celebrated by the Hindus to give honor to the brothers.

National Sister Day-First Sunday of August 2016
National Sister Day

It is also abbreviated as Rakhi; it is celebrated on the full moon of the Sravana with respect to the Lunar calendar.

In this festival, the entire sisters bind a Rakhi on the wrist of her brother which indicates that these arms protect her from any danger.

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This is a promise from the brothers to the sister that they will protect them in every condition. After binding the Rakhi, sisters get gifts from their brother and taste them some kind of sweet with a tilak on the forehead of the brother.

This day is similar to the Siblings Day.

National Sister Day-First Sunday of August 2016
National Sister Day

As this day spread happiness and make people realize that they have most precious relationship in the world.

People wait for these days, and every time they wanted to celebrate it with a new eager and passion. So, this day will come on the 10th of August in the coming year of 2017.

  • Sharing on Social Media

Many people share their feelings with the siblings on the social media like Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram. Following are the quotes shared by the siblings:

  • What a strange creature the brothers are? Fighters, lovers and charming. Shared by Jane.
  • When I fight with my sister then it is only the way which I am finding to hug her. Shared by Monaro over-street.
  • There is nothing more comfortable than the arm of the sister. Shared by Alice.
  • When I grew up I had only seen my elder sister in the form of my mother, she is my mother as well as my bestie, I love you Naila and wish you a happy national sister day. Shared by Jeffery.
  • Siblings are the wonderful creature of the world that understands you, helps you in the time of need and quarrel with you. But remain always with you. Shared by Pamela Dawn.
  • After parents, there is only sincere relation in this world is of the siblings. Shared by Deborah.
  • The best role in the one’s life is being a sister or brother. Shared by James.
  • If siblings don’t quarrel with each other than they are surely hiding something from each other. Shared by Holly.

    National Sister Day-First Sunday of August 2016
    National Sister Day
  • There is no difference between all the siblings. Every sibling is the bunch of the people who steal the hand frees charger, shoes, lipstick, perfumes, jewelry, and clothes. Shared by Jessica M long.
  • Some siblings are the true example of the love and some siblings are the true example of zoo. Shared by Susan.
  • A girl got two true male friends in her life, one is her husband and other is her brother. Shared by Della Frik.
  • Sisters are the heartbeat of the brother. Shared by Salim.
  • When someone will ask that he wants to see a lion then i referred him to brother. Shared by Sandra.

    National Sister Day-First Sunday of August 2016
    National Sister Day
  • Teacher teaches us the lesson of kindness, love and prosperity and the sibling are made to practice this lesson on them. Shared by John.
  • The girl is made for handling multiple characters. She proves a good sister, good daughter, good wife and the good mother. Shared by olive.

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